Gearing up for our First Trip - Saturday, December 9th

A new email was sent early this morning. It has pertinent information for our trip on December 9th. If you did not receive it, you are not on the mailing list. To add yourself - go to the "Latest Blizzard email Blast" under the "More Info" tab. Click on the link. At the top of the page you can add yourself to the email blasts.
Remember, you can only sign up the week of the trip, so sign up will start on Monday, December 4th @ 7 AM. Trip fee is $175. You must already have your equipment for that trip. We cannot accommodate  renting equipment at Alpine or Wilmot.

Looking Forward to 2023-2024 Blizzard Season

As we close out the month of August, we have September to look forward to! That's the kick-off for the ski season. Blizzard will start their membership process for the 2023-2024 season the week of September 18th. If you are interested, make certain you have subscribed on our website. It is a floating box on a real computer and in the hamburger menu on a cell phone.

Unfortunate Rain Event - But We are Still Going on Saturday, March 4th

We are hoping that the rain this week doesn't impact the ability of Wilmot to keep their terrain skiable. As long as there are freezing temperatures at night that enable them to maintain their base and maybe add more snow, they should be fine and our trip a go. At this point in the season, we keep careful watch on the weather and the temperature to ensure we have the ground coverage needed on the slopes.

Winding Down our 2022-2023 Season

Sunday's trip will only include lessons for the A, A+, and B level students. It is a holiday weekend and Alpine will be crowded and not a great environment for lessons. Bunny will be available for consultations and help throughout the day with maybe a masterclass for the E, F and G skiers. As I've said before, the C and D skiers need mileage to get better. They need to work on what the instructors have been sharing on the progression to parallel skiing and learning to use dynamic edging.  Beginning boarders will also have lessons with the same emphasis on practicing what has been taught. I hope to be on the slopes providing guidance where I can. Normally this would be the weekend of races and fun, but the holiday weekend makes our tradition a little difficult.

Who Ordered this Weather?

Rotten weather this late in the season is no picnic. Where is our snow? The west is getting hammered and we are having just about the worst season I can remember. But, we are still going on Sunday, to Wilmot. If you encounter a lack of seat availability on your route, send an email requesting to be put on the waitlist. Then pray for Snow! Wilmot is so close to the dividing line between snow and rain in the forecast.