Bus Etiquette

Blizzard members share the bus and seats within the bus with 50 or more of their soon-to-be closest friends. That means there is a certain discipline and courtesy that must be maintained. Equipment (Boards, Skis and Poles), are the ONLY things that go in the stowage area of the bus. Boots and bags carrying incidentals are carried on board the bus. These must be small enough to stow by your seat or in the overhead carry space. You really don't need much over the course of the day, so pack lightly and don't bring a gargantuan bag to carry everything. Most kids bring a small backpack or carry bag - enough to fit your excess, but not larger than boots. At any resort there is limited space around the Blizzard desk, so we ask you to leave your ski/board bags (those specifically covering your skis or snowboard) on the bus (or in the stowage area) and only take in to the Mountain House your boot bag or small pack. Remember to ensure that EVERYTHING is marked with your name, including your equipment and bags.

On board the bus, we allow food within reason and being mindful of increased nut allergies. You are responsible for the area around your seat (regardless of the source of the trash or refuse). There are garbage bags on board and we encourage you to use them. We prefer no glass of any kind, and resealable containers - which means no cans. Our biggest problems are spillage and trash and both of these problems can easily be resolved with use of reusable containers for drinks (bring a sports bottle from home for drinks) and liberally using the trash bags on the bus. In the morning if you bring your breakfast from home, keep your trash with you until you get off the bus. In the afternoon, just step to the location of the trash bag and neatly deposit your trash.

The buses, for the most part, are owner-operated. That means that the actual owner is driving the bus. He is, in essence, inviting you into his living room. That means we need to be as neat and as careful as we would were we to be in their actual living room. Don't throw food, don't throw empty containers on the floor, pick up candy or food that you drop, don't smear the windows, don't play with the window shades and don't put your dirty boots on the seats. Common sense is what we are asking.

Bus behavior is monitored constantly. "If you see something, say something." We have all heard that slogan and we need to abide by it. Our Supervisors mainly sit in the front of the bus, so we rely on noise level and helpful seated children to alert us to shenanigans which need to be righted. We expect polite and courteous behavior. we will act accordingly when we don't receive it.

Please be attentive to the Supervisors on the bus. They have information to share with you and it may change from week to week. Don't assume you know what they are going to say. Know when and where your lessons meet and if there is any other highlights for the day. Of all things know that you MUST be back at the bus by 3:15 PM  so we can leave on time. There is a clock above the Blizzard desk inside the building. A watch and a cellphone can also help with time. Please be punctual.

You may be sitting with someone you have never met before. Introduce yourself and start a conversation. You already have something in common - Blizzard!