What happens When Your Child Must be Picked Up including due to Illness or Injury

Unfortunately, we cannot always predict a perfect skiing or boarding day for your child. Injuries may occur or your child may fall ill requiring your presence at the ski area. We are here to assist. The call may come from us, your child, or the ski area itself. If the latter happens we are likely already engaged. But in the event we are not, all three organizations must be in sync. Upon arriving at the ski area, the first place you should go is to the Blizzard Desk. If your child is not already there, we will escort you to their location, if still on premises. You will be required to physically sign your child out from Blizzard. This is a liability issue for us and we will hold up the departure of the entire club if someone is missing, delayed, or has been taken without our knowledge. This is also true if you are just picking them up early, or they are staying past our bus departure time with someone.