“I can’t remember my password and/or user name.”
A password can be sent to the email address that you used as your user name.  There is no limit on the number of attempts to enter a password or user name in the system, so if you are like me and have multiple email addresses and can’t remember which one you used, you have the luxury to try them all before we send you a replacement password.  If the Password reset doesn't work try retyping your email address and ENSURE that the first letter is lowercase. We cannot send a password to an email account that is not currently on file. To have a replacement password sent, click on the “Lost your Password” link below the “Member Log In” button.

“I didn’t get a receipt from PayPal for my transaction.”
If you did not receive a receipt from PayPal for either your membership sign up or a weekly trip reservation the transaction was incomplete.  PayPal sends a receipt for each transaction. You must complete each page of the process and be returned to the Blizzard web site for a reservation to be processed. It is unlikely that you can complete a transaction on PayPal and not have a reservation for a weekly trip.  Save your receipt and bring it with you to the bus to ensure your place.  If you did not get a receipt you most likely need to repeat the process of the transaction.  We try to alert anyone by email who has started but not completed a transaction through PayPal.

"I signed my child up for a trip, but now they cannot attend."
Send an email to before 6 PM on Wednesday for a full refund, or after that date and time, you will receive a reimbursement (less $50 per member) up until midnight on the day before the trip. Any refund due will be completed through PayPal  when the attendance is reconciled for that trip. We do not hold any funds over from week to the next. But, my receiving a note of absence online prior to Saturday's trip at 7 AM is still helpful to the Bus Captains.

Feel Free to contact us at 773-852-1000 for any issues not addressed on this website or where the process is not working as expected.