Emergency Communication System for Blizzard

Addressing the Need for Immediate Information

To communicate known bus delays and due to the recent increase in size of the Club, we have initiated a SMS system for broadly sharing important information, without the need to use a third party application or download an applet.  Specifically designed for the myriad of sports teams out there, we found this application, Rainedout.com to meet the majority of our immediate information needs.  

This system will only be used in case of an emergency or time sensitive needs. It will be used in instances where the buses are running more than one half hour later than predicted. Access to post in the system will be by Bus Captains and Club Administrators only. ALL members should join the group designed for their specific pick up spot. Unfortunately, it is impossible to change the recipient list for each trip week, but the information can be as limited as to a single stop or as broad as an announcement to all the members.

Specifically, these are the smallest groups we can create. We cannot go down to the individual bus level for each trip as that information is not created on a daily basis except on paper rosters. I do have them in my possession each Saturday, so I know who is on what bus, but I am now going to ask each parent to make note of the external bus number that your child gets on. SMS messages will be in the format of a Route (see below) and a Bus number. The bus number to be used is the external number on the outside of the bus. Don't bother the Bus Supervisor who is trying to sign in your kids to get this information, look at the bus, yourself. The number is always either over the door or on the panel above the windshield. The bus companies do not send the same buses each week, so do not rely on the external looks of the bus and assume it is the same bus as last week.

Invite via Mobile Opt In (subscribers send a text message with the keyword below to 84483) ONLY DO THE FULL CLUB IF YOU REALLY THINK YOU NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING. OTHERWISE JUST DO YOUR STOP.

  • Text BLIZZARDSKICLUB to 84483 to receive alerts from Blizzard Ski & Snowboard School.
  • Text RFBLIZZARD to 84483 to receive River Forest alerts from Blizzard 
  • Text LPBLIZZARD to 84483 to receive Lincoln Park alerts from Blizzard  
  • Text OBBLIZZARD to 84483 to receive Oak Brook alerts from Blizzard 
  • Text LZBLIZZARD to 84483 to receive Lake Zurich alerts from Blizzard 
  • Text SBBLIZZARD to 84483 to receive Schaumburg alerts from Blizzard 
  • Text SKBLIZZARD to 84483 to receive Skokie/Old Orchard alerts from Blizzard    
  • Text HPBLIZZARD to 84483 to receive Hyde Park alerts from Blizzard  
  • Text PRBLIZZARD to 84483 to receive Park Ridge alerts from Blizzard 
  • Text WMBLIZZARD to 84483 to receive Winnemac Park alerts from Blizzard
  • Text HDBLIZZARD to 84483 to receive Half Day Rd alerts from Blizzard 

In addition to the messaging, notes will be posted on the website under the News heading.