Making the Most of this Trying Season

Happy Holidays! Although how it can be happy without snow, is a bit of a stretch. I, for one, love the winter months because of snow. That led to my little experiment of adding back a trip we have not had in more than 25 years. A trip between Christmas and New Years. Historically, we take that as a break. Not surprising, we have a light load so far. I am going to add an extra sign-up day without penalty for those who are still contemplating whether to join us or not. But as of Thursday at 6 PM, we will go into waitlist mode with penalty pricing.

Sunday 17 December Trip #2

The weather got the better of us for Trip #1, so we'll pray a little harder for snow and cold weather for Trip #2. This also means I am keeping the club open for another week to allow stragglers to sign up. New members (and returning ones) can now sign up through the end of December. Happy Holidays to everyone!

CANCELING Tomorrow's TRIP 9 December 2023

The weather gods are against us, and Alpine has too thin of a layer of slow to support our Club, Snowflake Club and the general population. Alpine is closed today and rather for us to wait until their decision tomorrow on the safety of skiing and boarding on dirt and grass, we are canceling ahead of their decision. I will be reimbursing everyone for their trip expenses. Look forward to Monday morning for next week's trip registration. I have left the membership open for another week.

Blizzard Trip #1 Alpine Valley December 9th

Registration for the first Blizzard trip of the season started  at 7 AM on Monday morning the 4th. There are two buttons on the website homepage that say "Weekly Trip" through which you can register - if you are already a member. New membership additions will close as of December 9th. There is no need to sign up with blazing speed on Monday. All participants will be accommodated through Wednesday before a waitlist starts. There is also no stop at Lake Zurich. Those members need to use the Half Day Rd stop when there is an Alpine trip. The trip fee is $175 and since we are going to Alpine, there are no lift ticket discounts. Please already have your equipment for the trip, we do not facilitate rentals at the ski area.

Gearing up for our First Trip - Saturday, December 9th

A new email was sent early this morning. It has pertinent information for our trip on December 9th. If you did not receive it, you are not on the mailing list. To add yourself - go to the "Latest Blizzard email Blast" under the "More Info" tab. Click on the link. At the top of the page you can add yourself to the email blasts.
Remember, you can only sign up the week of the trip, so sign up will start on Monday, December 4th @ 7 AM. Trip fee is $175. You must already have your equipment for that trip. We cannot accommodate  renting equipment at Alpine or Wilmot.