Looking Forward to December and Colder Weather

As we enter the transitional weather of the Fall, our sights are always focused on the weather map and the bands of the Polar Jet Streeam that descend from Canada. The Farmer's Almanac says we are to have a wet and mild winter. But we are a short distance away from the predicted snow belt  and they were grossly wrong last winter. So we are still hoping for a cold and snowy season. It does help us that Wilmot has the best snowmaking in the Midwest! We only missed one session last winter, but added one when the snow continued later than expected in March.

Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 Blizzard Season!

We are well under way in the process for accepting applications for our upcoming Blizzard Season. Behind the scenes our website is being updated (the calendar now has our trip dates,) and we have our Epic Pass link from Vail for those of you who would like to buy a discounted Epic Pass before the rates increase on October 7, 2018.  Purchase an Epic Pass  Please do NOT purchase a 4 or 7 day pass, we cannot accept them during the season as they are too hard to track. If you need help with any part of the club and how it works, take advantage of our information rich website which details every aspect of our club ad nauseum.

The Final Trip of the Season

The weather and Wilmot continues to delight with  on-going snow and skiiing/boarding opportunities.  WE ARE GOING TO WILMOT on SATURDAY, MARCH 24th, ONLY IF WE GET AT LEAST 20 MEMBERS to sign up from LINCOLN PARK and 10 MEMBERS FROM RIVER FOREST. We need at least that many to ensure we cover the bus expenses. I hope you will join us in the last hurrah of the season. Sign up is open until Friday at Noon.

Two Trips for our Club Members

We have two trips this weekend for our club members. The weekend favorite to Granite Peak, and a the regular trip to Wilmot. While we have puc=shed the Granite Peak back to later in March, we expected that Wilmot would not have enough snow to sustain a regular weekly trip. Boy, were we wrong. Probably the best snow of the season still awaits us at Wilmot. Unfortunately, the Wilmot trip is not wothout its challenges. School calendars and new seasonal sports are limiting our member attendance along with the lack of bus availability. Since we have less kids going to Granite Peak than we anticipated, we could move one of the reserved buses to the weekly Wilmot trip. With the very low attendance from the River Forest route, we are consolidating the two main routes into one with only the two stops - River Forest and Lincoln Park. See your weekly email from Blizzard for more details.

Final week of Blizzard before Granite Peak

It is looking like March 10th will be the final Wilmot trip of the Blizzard Season. We encourage everyone to attend, even those who have not joined us all season. Since we will have colder weather during the next few evenings, WIlmot will be able to make snow and keep the snowpack from melting during the day.