Skiing in the rain...

I particpated (or tried to particpate) in a 3 day event at Wilmot for my Childrens' certification. I have tried to do this course 4 times now over the past 15 years. I can't do it during the Blizzard season as it is typically held over a weekend and, of course, Blizzard trips take precedence for me. I had three other registrations that were scheduled prior to the start of the season in MI, cancel due to lack of snow. So, I was excited when they scheduled an event during evening hours at Wilmot. 

How Cold is Cold?

The only time Blizzard has ever canceled a trip to Wilmot is wehn Wilmot is closed. In the 27 years that I ahve been doing this we have not canceled for rain, snow, cold or warm weather, as long as Wilmot was open. Yes, it is going to be cold. So prepare for it. A gaiter with a helmet liner; warm gloves or mittens (we ahve handwarmers at the Blizzard desk); a facemask or a gaiter you can pull up around your face. AND a whole boatload of common sense which we will teach on the bus. Don't stay out for long periods of time. If you get too cold, come in. Instructors will be monitoring their kids during lessons. At least it will be above 0° which it won't be on Wednesday. It will be a balmy 18° next Saturday!

What a wild weekend

For all of you that missed it, this past Saturday was wild. The snow was powdery and it was a whole lotta fun. It grew colder in the afternoon, but we had plenty of activity to keep us warm. Our hopes are for another wintery weekend in our future.

We are Set to Begin the New Year off with a Bang

January 5th, 2019 marks the first trip of 2019. While we made a few efficiency corrections in the past few days, we hope to see people understand the need to resolve  these challenges.

Happy Holidays from your Blizzard Family

Reminder that there will be NO trip on December 29th. We’ll see you again on January 5th, 2019!