Something we have not seen in years!

Congratulations to our three new "G" level skiers! It has been a few years since we have had a group of Junior Instructors that were of this caliber. Thanks to our Director of Ski Instruction, Bunny, we have a formal program to get our top level skiers on a track to become certified instructors. They are learning movement analysis and the exercisees that help students learn critical skills. Anyone age 14 and older is eligible for this program after they have completed Level "F." Bunny will be working with the "E" level skiers in the coming weeks to introduce them to some of the skill sets needed and how to think about movement analysis in their every day skiing. Participation in the "E" class will be given to the most frequent class attendees and those that truly want to learn to become better skiers.

A Fantastic Trip on Saturday, Jan 20th. And Who Knows What for the 27th...

It might have been a bit cooler, but it really was a fatastic ski and board day. We lost a few kids to the flu (we hope they are getting better), but those that went with us were all outside the whole day and if anything, too flushed with happiness and warmth!

Looking forward to Trip #5

Saturday promises to be a warmer pleasant snow day, unlike our previous two weeks. Upper level skiers can take advantage of our Terrain Park Seminar, and everyone will benefit from a deeper snow base and softer snow. We still have a bit of a problem with swapping of equipment, so I do ask that you go over the top with decorating your equipment. Make certain your name is there, but immediately identifiable personalization is the key to ensuring that no one grabs your skis, boards, or poles mistakenly.

Blizzard SMS Communication Link

In light of recent bus delays and recent increase in size of the Club, we have decided to initiate a SMS system for broadly sharing important information, without the need to use a third party application or download an applet.  Specifically designed for the myriad of sports teams out there. we found this application, to meet the majority of our immediate information needs.  Simply go to: Join Blizzard Ski & Snowboard School text alerts on RainedOut to sign up.

Ever had a day when everything goes wrong?

Yesterday was Blizzard's turn. Sub-zero weather and buses are natural enemies. To have to rely on a bus to operate in sub-zero weather is a heavy gamble. And we lost in River Forest yesterday. I apologize as I should have cancelled the route from the very start. We didn't have any experienced supervisors and had to deal with a very late replacement bus with a driver who wasn't familar with the route.  But my thought was, that our lack of supervisors wasn't fair to the kikds who did want to go skiing and boarding. So, I crossed my fingers and let the trip go as planned (or not planned as the case may be.) The River Forest route is designed for two buses such that any one bus makes no more than two additional stops. For the first few trips we have had too few members to fill two buses and wound up with one bus covering all 4 stops. At least I can tell you that this won't happen again.