Bus Pick up Spots and Final Preparations for Saturday, December 8th

Last Webinars for Members are: Thursday at 7PM and Friday at Noon. Last Supervisor webinar is Thursday at 8:30 PM. Please try to go to one if you still have questions. 

The First Week of Blizzard Sign Up starts Tomorrow

New Webinar Schedule for Members and Prospective Supervisors. See your latest email for dates and times. Supervisors MUST attend a webinar!

Update to the Webinar Schedule and Epic Pass Program

Check out the List of Webinars in our recent email. Remember, there is no conference call on Tuesday November 13th as previously listed. And while you are at it, make a placeholder for November 18th as the last day to buy an Epic Pass. Buy Epic Passes Here!  At this point, the Epic Local Pass may be justified if your family is planning to go to another Vail property for a vacation during a non-holiday week (unless the property is an unrestricted resort.)  There has been some confusion that EVERYONE needs an Epic Pass. It is economical if: You plan to go out west for a few days, or you plan to be at Blizzard for more than 10 sessions.  If you are buying for a member older than 12, you might have a bit of math to do to see if it is worth the expense as those passes are more expensive now. We rebate $30 from our trip fee if you have an Epic Pass. For the under 12 set, the math works out to 11 Blizzard trips. Otherwise, there is no need to buy an Epic Pass. Our weekly Trip Fee ($85) includes a lift ticket, Lesson and the bus ride. With an Epic Pass it is $55.  Please do NOT buy the 4 or 7 Day passes, as I cannot keep track of them. 

Looking Forward to December and Colder Weather

As we enter the transitional weather of the Fall, our sights are always focused on the weather map and the bands of the Polar Jet Streeam that descend from Canada. The Farmer's Almanac says we are to have a wet and mild winter. But we are a short distance away from the predicted snow belt  and they were grossly wrong last winter. So we are still hoping for a cold and snowy season. It does help us that Wilmot has the best snowmaking in the Midwest! We only missed one session last winter, but added one when the snow continued later than expected in March.

Welcome to the 2018 - 2019 Blizzard Season!

We are well under way in the process for accepting applications for our upcoming Blizzard Season. Behind the scenes our website is being updated (the calendar now has our trip dates,) and we have our Epic Pass link from Vail for those of you who would like to buy a discounted Epic Pass before the rates increase on October 7, 2018.  Purchase an Epic Pass  Please do NOT purchase a 4 or 7 day pass, we cannot accept them during the season as they are too hard to track. If you need help with any part of the club and how it works, take advantage of our information rich website which details every aspect of our club ad nauseum.