Looking Forward to December and Colder Weather


As we enter the transitional weather of the Fall, our sights are always focused on the weather map and the bands of the Polar Jet Streeam that descend from Canada. The Farmer's Almanac says we are to have a wet and mild winter. But we are a short distance away from the predicted snow belt  and they were grossly wrong last winter. So we are still hoping for a cold and snowy season. It does help us that Wilmot has the best snowmaking in the Midwest! We only missed one session last winter, but added one when the snow continued later than expected in March.

The deals for Epic Passes has come to an end, but they can still be purchased through our link, if you need one for a trip out west, and to use at Wilmot. Buy Your Epic Pass

THE NEXT DEADLINE IS FOR RETURNING BLIZZARD MEMBERS. Early Bird rates expire at midnight on October 15th

Need new gear? Check out the Windy City Ski & Snowboard Show. 2018 Windy City Ski & Snowboard Show  Check out the Blizzard Booth where you can play games, win prizes, and learn more about the club. October 19-21st.

Renting Gear from Viking or another ski shop for the entire season?  Make certain you have Blizzard stickers on your equipment and your name on all your clothing.

Make certain your profiles are up to date on the Blizzard site, complete with your preferred stop (Hyde Park has been added back in) and with your Epic Pass number.

Pray for Snow!


Lincoln Park Suervisor and Bus Captain



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