Skiing in the rain...


I particpated (or tried to particpate) in a 3 day event at Wilmot for my Childrens' certification. I have tried to do this course 4 times now over the past 15 years. I can't do it during the Blizzard season as it is typically held over a weekend and, of course, Blizzard trips take precedence for me. I had three other registrations that were scheduled prior to the start of the season in MI, cancel due to lack of snow. So, I was excited when they scheduled an event during evening hours at Wilmot. 

Tuesday evening was cancelled due to the freezing rain, although I didn't find that out untl I drove up from Chicago to Wilmot. Wednesday we did about 3 hours of the class and had to come in out of the rain and sleet as we were all soaked. We were going to finish up inside, but Wilmot lost electricity at about 8:30 PM. Tonight they cancelled as they are afraid for more rain and thunderstorms. And, Wilmot is closed for the day.

Upshot is, that even for professional instructors the weather can get in the way of winter sports activites. This weekend, I expect colder than usual temperatures, with sunshine and good skiing conditions! And next week, I'll finish my certification, maybe...


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