Something we have not seen in years!


Congratulations to our three new "G" level skiers! It has been a few years since we have had a group of Junior Instructors that were of this caliber. Thanks to our Director of Ski Instruction, Bunny, we have a formal program to get our top level skiers on a track to become certified instructors. They are learning movement analysis and the exercisees that help students learn critical skills. Anyone age 14 and older is eligible for this program after they have completed Level "F." Bunny will be working with the "E" level skiers in the coming weeks to introduce them to some of the skill sets needed and how to think about movement analysis in their every day skiing. Participation in the "E" class will be given to the most frequent class attendees and those that truly want to learn to become better skiers.

Once again, congratulatins to, Francesca, Nora, and Jade!

February 10th will be a day of Epic proportions. Wilmot celebrates its 80th anniversary with a variety of events. Blizzard will operate as usual, but there may be other opportunities to participate in the events that Wilmot is sponsoring during our day. We will also hold our Terrain Park Seminar again for Skiers on Saturday. Open to those skiers who are in level "D" and higher, the Terrain Park Seminar provides the fundamentals of skiing in the Terrain Park and using the equipment there. No skier under level "D" should be in the Terrain Park on their own.

Please ensure your skis, poles, and boards are clearly marked with your name. We continue to have a problem with swapped equipment that could be easily solved if everyone had their name on their equipment.


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