A Fantastic Trip on Saturday, Jan 20th. And Who Knows What for the 27th...


It might have been a bit cooler, but it really was a fatastic ski and board day. We lost a few kids to the flu (we hope they are getting better), but those that went with us were all outside the whole day and if anything, too flushed with happiness and warmth!

We held a Terrain Park class for upper level Skiers with only 12 students, less than we usually have, so we will do it again in February.

Please try to hang on to gloves and poles. They seem to go missing more often than not. We are still in search of several sets of swapped poles. So, check and ensure the poles you have are your own.

On another note, the inquiries about the upcoming trip are increasing. I did take a course in Meteorology and Climatology in college. I'm not certain if my fascination with weather gives me any extra insight, but I am as clueless as everyone else as to whether we will have a trip this Saturday. It primarily depends on Wilmot and their guidance. If they are open and it is not pouring, we are going.

AS a reminder, we are no longer permitted to use the Edens Plaza stop and you must select Skokie or Northbrook, instead.


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