Membership Sign Up is Live!

This is the time and you've come to the right place! Snow, glorious snow, that's what we are hoping for. To get on our mailing list, make certain you fill out the marketing signup form that floats on our website. If you have signed up previously you are already on the list. I have scant details for the season as yet, but will try and get all the details to you as soon as I have them. 

Our season is 10-13 weeks long with only a break between Christmas and New Years. We try to split our season between Saturdays and Sundays. For the past two years we have been exclusively at Alpine Valley as Wilmot doesn't want kid groups like ours on weekends. That doesn't mean I won't try, again. Our membership fee will be discounted by $15 if you sign up before midnight on October 30th. The membership fee is $150 per member. The weekly trip fee is dependent on lift ticket, lesson, and bus fees. We don't know those yet, but last year the trip fee was $125. You only pay for the trips you attend and payment occurs during the week of the trip. We don't have advance sign up. When you sign up for membership we hope to have all the trip days and dates identified, but I cannot guarantee it. You can check the Calendar and Bus Schedule under the "More Info" tab

Bus stops are determined by members. New bus stops can be added if we have three or more members who choose to make that stop their home stop. We may list stops that have been requested but are not made permanent due to lack of support from members. Stops with partner suburbs may be in one of those towns, but usually not both. 

Need to learn more about the club and how we operate? There is a video recording under the "More Info" tab at the top of the page. While it is a year old, the basics have not changed. Many of the other information under that same "More Info" tab may also shed light on topics of interest. Any further questions can be addressed to