Buy your Membership before October 30th


Membership fees increase after October 30th. We have 7 trips to Wilmot and 6 trips to Alpine. 7 Saturdays and 6 Sundays. Since we are split between ski areas, a season pass to either one makes no sense unless you are planning to use the pass extensively outside of Blizzard. We will be limiting the number of memberships this year to ensure we have smaller class sizes and less bus route switching. The calendar is 90% complete (under the "More Info" tab at the top of the page.) The bus stops won't be finalized until the majority of the membership have signed up (November.) Supervisors are the critical component for placement of bus stops. If the bus stop is not a downstream stop from one of the existing mainstream stops, we will need a starting supervisor who can commit to every weekend. Also, we like to keep the bus ride to under 1.5 hours including all stops (usually no more than 1 plus origination.) If you have questions about stops, please email us.  Arlington Heights and Deer Park are two such stops.

Remember, the time to schedule rentals is NOW and order your name labels. See the "More Info" tab for more information...


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