Granite Peak Trip


This is the last week to sign up for the Granite Peak Trip. I am certain they will have better snow than we have experienced most of our season with Wilmot. The Granite Peak trip is the weekend of March 8th - 10th. It leaves from both River Forest and Lincoln Park and is limited to sixth graders and those skiing/boarding at level D or higher. The forecast looks like they will get snow this week. Although as I look at the weather, this week at Wilmot will be pretty nice as well. 

We still have a very alarming pole swap problem. Please take the time to look at your ski poles and determine if you have your own. If not, send me a note.

If the website does not look right to you for a weekly trip sign up, please do not sign up, drop me a note or call and let me know, so I can see about making it right BEFORE you sign up.


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