Our First Trip is Behind Us (UPDATE)


Each new season of Blizzard brings a fresh, healthy perspective on the reality of hosting a club of this size; it is not without its challenges. For our first week, there was a lot of excitement, new friends created, new adventures, and the tedium of finding your place in the group. It was a bit brisk on the hill, but the snow cover was good on the open terrain and the crowd was fairly light. 

We are looking forward to our second and last trip of 2017 on December 16th. Sign up early in the week to ensure you don't get left off the list! Membership tags will be handed out on your first trip.

If you are an Epic Pass or Epic Local Pass holder, please ensure your card # is entered into our system. Those are the only two pass types that we accommodate. Any other pass is more expensive than our own group rate tickets. Multi-day passes from Vail or Wilmot are not acceptable as palternative lift tickets as we can't keep track of them.

I highly recommend reading the website pages to learn more about the club - especially the drop down pages of the "More Info" link. You must be a member to sign up for the weekly trips. Once you become a member ("Signup/Login" tab) the "Weekly Trip" tab will be your next stop each week of our season. Remember to sign up before Thursday at 5 PM so you can avoid a late reservation fee.

*** The River Forest Route 2 sign up has been suspended for the December 16th trip. We are at capacity. We will start a waitlist to fill any cancellations that occur. There is still room on the Lincoln Park routes ***


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