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Under the "More Info" section of our website is a Calendar and Bus Schedule listing. This tells you what days we have trips planned. (This is a hint as we are off for the next two Saturdays.) I heartily advocate reading our website end-to-end to find answers to your questions before firing off an email (which I know is easier.) All of the pertinent information relating to the operation of Blizzard is on our website with a few exceptions. Fundamental information about our trip schedule, when to sign up, and the rate of payment, is all found on our webpages. If you'd like a detailed review of the website, let me know, and I will do a one-on-one tutorial for you.

If you are an Epic Pass or Epic Local Pass holder, please ensure your card # is entered into our system. You can edit your Epic Pass details on the member update page from the Log In page. The Epic Pass or Epic Local Pass are the only two pass types that we accommodate as  alternative payment. Any other pass type is more expensive than our own group rate tickets. Multi-day passes from Vail or Wilmot are not acceptable as alternative lift tickets as we cannot keep track of them. It is a manual process to know who has been present for each weekly trip. Also, there is a place on our Blizzard cards for Viking rental serial numbers. If you have that information and can send it over, I'd appreciate it.

I highly recommend reading the website pages to learn more about the club - especially the drop down pages of the "More Info" link.

You must be a member to sign up for the weekly trips. Once you become a member ("Signup/Login" tab) the "Weekly Trip" tab will be your next stop each week of our season. Remember to sign up before Thursday at 5 PM so you can avoid a late reservation fee or missing out on a seat as we max out on occassion. Please ensure that you select the correct pick up spot, and you select a rental package, if you need to rent from Wilmot for the day.

Please, please, please, mark your personal belongings. Board and Ski swaps are the norm and it has already been a problem this season. I don't understand why it appears to be difficult to ensure your member's name or identifying marks are on his/her equipment and clothing. 

Have a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Merry Festivus, from all your Blizzard Supervisors and Administrators.


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