Bus Pick up Spots and Final Preparations for Saturday, December 8th


Last Webinars for Members are: Thursday at 7PM and Friday at Noon. Last Supervisor webinar is Thursday at 8:30 PM. Please try to go to one if you still have questions. 

With less than 1 week to go before our first Blizzard trip, we are fast and furiously putting the final threads of the program together to facilitate a smooth start. Here's where you can help. Creating the Blizzard tags is a time consuming task that can be made easier by eliminating my having to edit each entry.

1. Check the location of your preferred Pick Up spot. Locations have changed and I suspect, so will your preferances. Let me know if you want to change spots. See Calendar and Bus Routes under the "More Info" tab.

2. Let me know if you have not received your Epic Pass. Wilmot will reprint those badges that are just waiting for the mail to be delivered OR if you have yet to upload a picture, do so and Vail will print the badges.

3. Review your settings and choices under the "Manage Siblings" link of your login page.

4. Ensure all information is correct. 

5. Emergency phone numbers should be just a number in the format xxxxxxxxxx, if you put in dashes, it truncates the number

6. Under the Allergies and Medical Conditions box please delete any nonrelevant answers such as "No, N/A, None, etc."

7. Email me the Rental Serial Number from Skis and Snowboards rented from Viking and other ski Shops. (blizzardskiclub@gmail.com)

8. If you anre renting at Wilmot you MUST have completed their Waiver and Rental form found on our webpage under the "More Info" tab Equipment Rentals. https://blizzardskiclub.com/equipment-rentals/

We will hand out Blizzard Tags on your first Trip prior to boarding the bus

We know most of you do not yet have your Vail Epic Passes. We will help your child pick them up from Guest Services At Wilmot


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