The Hardest Week of the Year


The first trip is always the hardest. We have returning members and new ones and none of us remember exactly what it feels like to be on snow and outdoors for long period of times. No one was exempt from our classification system who had previous experience with skiing or snowboarding. Most of the group complied and we had more than 270 kids participate in lessons. We will continue to classify kids until everyone has been put into the correct level of instruction. Typically the first day back on the slopes is not your best, so I encouraged my busload of kids to take a run or two before heading over to classification as it continues right up until the lesson time at 10AM. The same will be  true this coming week as well. Several members regained their "muscle memory" for skiing and moved up from the class they were put in. The review at a lower class was good expereince.

Aty the end of the day, most were tired and just wanted a brief nap on the way home. Maybe it was the sleepiness of the bus ride, but we seemed to have left behind more than a few items. I'll get to the Lost & Found over the next two days and alert idenified lost items to their owners where possible. I can't return unmarked items, so it makes sense to label EVERYTHING.

Seasonal traffic is still delaying our returns into the city a bit. Hyde Park was a bit late as was one of the Lincoln Park buses. River Forest hit traffic on Rt 12, as well. The traffic magically disappears after Christmas, so only the next two weeks will have delays.


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