Ever had a day when everything goes wrong?


Yesterday was Blizzard's turn. Sub-zero weather and buses are natural enemies. To have to rely on a bus to operate in sub-zero weather is a heavy gamble. And we lost in River Forest yesterday. I apologize as I should have cancelled the route from the very start. We didn't have any experienced supervisors and had to deal with a very late replacement bus with a driver who wasn't familar with the route.  But my thought was, that our lack of supervisors wasn't fair to the kikds who did want to go skiing and boarding. So, I crossed my fingers and let the trip go as planned (or not planned as the case may be.) The River Forest route is designed for two buses such that any one bus makes no more than two additional stops. For the first few trips we have had too few members to fill two buses and wound up with one bus covering all 4 stops. At least I can tell you that this won't happen again.

Both routes have had bus challenges this year, so Lincoln Park holds nothing over River Forest in that regard. We are currently focused on the bus issues. This is the first year we have had such dramatic challenges with the bus performances, but it is also at a time when we have expanded and need more responsiveness. I'll have an update for you later in the week as to our bus situation. We are also looking at a better way to communicate to the group in times when information has an immediacy of note.

As it turned out, the snow at Wilmot was terrific and the day did not seem nearly as cold as the thermometer indicated. Most everyone had a good day on the slopes, but it was a frustrating day, to say the least. Those involved who chose not to take the bus, will be reimbursed in full.


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