Updated: 2020-2021 Season of Blizzard Ski and Snowboard Club

As everyone can well imagine, no news is good news, right?  Not when the mixture is our kids, a pandemic, and uncertainty as to the suggested guidelines.  We fall under the domain of a participatory sport. Sports are ranked as to their level of contact and contagion. We're OK there. Check!  Then we review chairlifts and bus rides and we don't fare as well in those categories. Now add the state of Wisconsin, and uh oh, we're in trouble now.

We are a private club and can act on our own behalf. There are no rules. Guidelines today steer sports teams away from collective travel across state lines. It would be next to impossible to maintain social distancing on a bus. Chairlifts are equally as suspect. And how about wearing masks under a ski helmet? Doesn't sound pleasant.  Right now, I am holding back on saying we will have a normal Blizzard Season.  We are going to wait. Typically, we start our registration in September. We are going to delay the decision on the seaon to Sepember. We might even be able to wait until October. Other clubs are doing the same thing.

So, I have one questions for you. If I were to open sign up on Sptember 12th, based on today's data and prognosis, would you register for Blizzard?

reply to: blizzardskiclub@gmail.com