Membership Information


By paying an annual membership fee, a student becomes a member of the Blizzard Ski & Snowboard Club. They are then able to sign up and pay for weekly Saturday trips to Wilmot. Membership assumes that a student is capable of making fundamental decisions and has the basic skills to follow directions. We expect mutual respect for our leadership team and other members. We need to work together, but many decisions are made independently. We work with our younger members and guide them through the day so that they acquire self-awareness and responsibility skills that they can apply to the rest of their life interactions. Membership fees are non-refundable.


A day with Blizzard starts with a ski or snowboard lesson.  Lessons are conducted in small groups divided by skill level.  On their first day, each member, new and existing, must be classified at a certain skill level, A (beginner) through G (expert). From the beginning of each new season, we reclassify students to ensure they are in the safest level for their current ability.

Our lessons are 75 to 120 minutes long, and are taught by Level 2 or 3 PSIA Certified Instructors.  These are the highest levels of instructor certification.  The lessons are given on the various slopes of Wilmot Mountain, which offer a variety of terrain for all skill levels.  A Terrain Park is also available to adventurous teenagers and students who have reached the "D" level and above.
See more information on The Blizzard Program.

Free Time

For the rest of the day, members have free time to spend with each other skiing and snowboarding.  Wilmot has a couple of restaurants on premises with the cafetaria being the main one.  We monitor the kids who remain around the Blizzard desk area in the main Lodge. We encourage younger members and first year members to use our large designated area as their main resource inside the lodge. Members are not allowed to leave the premises of the ski area while on our watch.


Wilmot’s slopes are monitored by lift operators, the Wilmot Ski Patrol, and Blizzard’s several adult supervisors.  There are also supervisors available at all times in the lodge.  Blizzard has a designated area (called "The Blizzard Desk") that is reserved for our members. Our members are recognized by their Blizzard tags which should be on their person at all times. Any Wilmot interaction with a Blizzard member is immediately reported back to our Supervisors.


Blizzard members ride to and from the ski area in highway coach buses.  They are equipped with a lavatory and DVD players.