updated: Blizzard's Delayed 2020-2021 Season


Blizzard is faced with the same uncertainty that all gatherings are experiencing. We can social distance at the mountain, but we have fewer alternatives on the trip up and the inside gathering at the mountain. Vail has thrown in a couple of quirks that make the whole process a bit more difficult, as well.

****update: Chicago just put Wisconsin back on the travel quarantine list on 22rd September (this lisdt is updated on a weekly basis by the city ****


As soon as we have a better handle on all the nuances of changes, we will be back in touch to let you know. Right now we are operating in the dark relative to all the changes that will need to be made. Rather than misinform anyone, I will wait until we hear back from Wilmot with their policy changes, and from our transportation company and their requirements. The goal is to have everyone stay safe and practice social distancing while having fun. I appreciate everyone filling out the survey that was sent to all of last year's members. That helps us understand your needs and expectations. 62% of the club clicked through on the survey, but less than half actually answered. It is important to hear from you. If you log in to the website using last year's credentials, you can find the survey behind the firewall at the bottom of the "More Info" tab.


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